Wind Atlas Bayern

Atlas Bayern SANDER + PARTNER supports wind power in the state of Bavaria

Munich, May 2014

Following a high-level selection process, SANDER + PARTNER has been awarded by the Ministry of Bavaria to prepare a new wind atlas for the state of Bavaria.

Bavaria is the largest and southern most state of Germany. Bavaria includes Alpine areas and smooth low-lands between 100m above sea level to Zugspitze, the highest German mountain with 2962 m.

The Wind Atlas of Bavaria includes maps showing wind speed at 10m, 100m, 130m and 160m and maps showing the wind potential of a wind turbine. The detailed maps are based on three-dimensional, meteorological models with a resolution of 200 m only. Moreover, the models re-constructed the wind conditions of the last 30 years.

For the first time ever, the Wind Atlas of Bavaria includes a wind data base which shows the annual wind index for the years 1981 until 2012.

For a detailed description of the Wind Atlas (PDF), please click here.


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