Wave Forecast for the Great Lakes of Africa

SANDER + PARTNER protects life of fishermen on Lake Malawi

Munich, October 2020

For the first time ever, wave forecast at high resolution has been made available for a Great Lake of Africa. Wave forecast supports the safety of fishermen working on Lake Malawi. SANDER + PARTNER is proud to support fishers and people working on their lake. But working on the lake can be dangerous. During the rainy season, from November to April dangerous waves occur on Lake Malawi. Just in time, we have started our wave forecasting service. The service is using the leading WAVEWATCH-III forecast model, a third generation wave model used to support safety at sea. SANDER + PARTNER has adapted this wave model to provide the best wave forecast ever for Lake Malawi. Just in time, ready to support safety, starting with the forthcoming rainy season.

Our wave forecast is up-dated four times a day: at 00 UTC, 06 UTC, 12 UTC and 18 UTC.

This service is free of charge. Tell us your story, and send us your message: info@sander-partner.com
Recent Wave Forecast Lake Malawi

Kindly note, this is a weather service provided by SANDER + PARTNER. Use on own risks.


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