MINT: Features

Appropriate for professional wind data analysis

  • Handle as many data files as you need.
  • Suitable for very large data sets (150MB or more).
  • Extended report documentation of results in PDF report.

Basics features
  • Draw wind roses, time series and others from one or multiple data sets.
  • Read and analyse SODAR / LIDAR observations down to 1 second resolution.
  • Extrapolate time records to hub height based on exponential, log-like or wind shear profiles.

Use the power of advanced math
  • Use boot strapping to estimate the range of Weibull parameters.
  • Estimate extreme wind speeds with Gumbel, GEV or POT methods.
  • Annual energy production AEP and P50, P90 based on pure Monte-Carlo-Simulation.

Apply proper statistics
  • From simple to high-end MCP methods: linear correlation, quantile correlation, orthogonal correlation. All added with extended error analysis.
  • Multi-variate MCP combines multiple wind records.

MINT - made by wind data professionals for wind data professionals.